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We’ve assembled the right mix of services to give your business mastery over your market. We leverage the following ad platforms to produce our results.

Strategic Customer Acquisition Plan

When you work with AGD Media, you get an end-to-end customer acquisition plan. From creative direction to multi-channel marketing strategies to landing page conversion optimization, we study your business to identify the “big lever” constraints that are holding your business back from reaching its true potential. Our customer acquisition plan includes suggested actions to turn those weak points into strengths. We then have our team implement and execute this plan for you so that you can reach your goals.

Targeted Relatable Ads

We specialize in creating ads for diverse audiences. Our signature process identifies your most-profitable customer target. We then build culturally relevant creatives that will resonate with that audience. With our marketing research and creative development process, we work with you to make sure our creative ideas perfectly align with your brand’s guidelines, look and feel. Next, we methodically test those creatives with the goal of finding the best ads that carry your ad spend in the most efficient way possible. This is an ongoing process throughout the duration of your time working with us.

Customer Value Journey Optimization

We work to optimize the conversion rate of your product or lead capture funnel. We do this by blending elements that guarantee increased conversion rates with components to your funnel that maximizes average order value (AOV) and lifetime value (LTV). We use elements like winning hooks; customer-specific marketing content; objection-crushing copy; optimal layouts; and clean, user-friendly design. We then combine these funnels and landing pages with our multi-channel media buying for a cohesive approach to customer acquisition.

Multi-Channel Media Buying

Your paid traffic strategy should be a balanced mix of intent-based and interruption-based advertising channels that make the most sense for your business. We assemble your multi-channel marketing strategy to make sure you get the most conversions profitably for your marketing budget.

Data Driven Marketing

With emerging privacy-first advertising, signal loss is inevitable, which makes precise online ad tracking challenging. We leverage a blended solution to help us and our clients make data-driven decisions based on accurate first-party data.

5-Step Process to Transform Your Business the Right Way

Audit Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

Before we dive in, we’ll assess your customers’ online journey so we can cut out any clutter, fix what’s broken and optimize all the components to work together to efficiently fuel your customer acquisition efforts.

Research Your Brand & Customer

Before developing any ads, we start with market research of your customer, the core challenges they have, and how your product or service is positioned in the market as a solution to their problems. By understanding the specific needs of each segment of your target customer, we will be able to best leverage your brand’s voice to establish their trust, create a connection, and sell them your product or service. This is core to our strategy for transforming strangers into paying customers.

Build Your Customer Acquisition & Retention Strategy

Once our market research is complete, we then leverage this data to build out the customer value journey for your business. This is the funnel we will use to convert prospects into customers, who will then become delighted fans of your business. This funnel is built through ads and onsite copy designed specifically for the top, middle and bottom of the funnel.

Convert Strangers Into Paying Customers

Once your ads are created, we then deploy them through our target advertising channels to acquire new customers for your growing and thriving business.

Retain Customers & Create Brand Advocates

As we continue to build your customer base through our marketing campaigns, we will also run ads to continue to engage and excite your existing customers to keep them buying your product or service.

Here's How We've Helped
Past Clients

Her Hair Company is an online company that sells hair extensions. Before we started working with them, they were seeing slow growth and had marketing campaigns that were operating at a loss. The ads that were run by the prior ad agency were general hair extension ads that didn’t highlight what made their hair products different from competitors. Their target customers are black women who use hair extensions as a protective style. We created and tested different types of creatives until we found the best ads to leverage across Google and Facebook ads. This led to us increasing the return on investment (ROI) of their five-figure ad budget from a 1x to a 5x ROI. As they were in the process of rebuilding their website, we advised them about important elements to add to their product pages, which helped to increase their conversion rate by 15%.

Q-Redew is an online company best known for its hair steamer. Before we started working with them, their biggest challenge was their sales were stagnant and their ads were not adequately addressing the problem that their product solves. Their website was also not optimized for maximizing their potential conversion rate. We were able to create a multi-channel customer acquisition strategy that uniquely addressed each of their customer avatars. This resulted in ads that better positioned the Q-Redew Hair Steamer as a solution for their target customers’ most pressing challenges. We were able to help double their annual sales from six figures to seven figures.

LiveGlam is a makeup subscription business that sells lippies, palettes and brushes. Their target audience consists of women between the ages of 18–34. LiveGlam experienced success leveraging influencers to sell their makeup subscription memberships but was looking for a boost in sales performance that they hadn’t seen from other ad agencies. They wanted to increase their subscription membership base at a profitable cost per acquisition of each customer. LiveGlam partnered with AGD Media to expand their membership base to reach new sales goals while leveraging online ads. We created a test plan with relevant audiences and bid strategies. Through a multi-tiered marketing funnel that targeted different customer segments, we were able to help LiveGlam leverage their five-figure budget to see six-figure ad revenue at a 10x ROI.

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